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How to crack CLAT in first attempt

18 April, 2023 By Artika_Shah

Passing CLAT UG for the first time is the dream of thousands of students every year.  It is important to revise CLAT section questions in a timely manner. Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT) is an entrance examination conducted every year for law schools in India. There are 24 national law universities in India that offer the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT).  Undergraduate and postgraduate law programs require the CLAT.

It is a top choice for students wishing to pursue higher education in law. Through CLAT UG and CLAT PG, students can get into bachelor’s and master’s level programs in law.  With the right CLAT strategies, they will be able to crack CLAT in the first attempt.  

Getting CLAT right the first time

The CLAT examination can be cleared on the first attempt, contrary to common misconceptions.  Here are some tips to help you crack CLAT the first time.

  1.  Be aware of the CLAT exam pattern:

     Knowing the CLAT exam pattern will provide an advantage to the aspirant because they will be aware of the number of questions and their weighting. Aspirants can manage their study plan and calculate how long they will need to pass CLAT.

  2. Make a detailed CLAT preparation plan

    The preparation of a CLAT preparation plan is highly recommended for aspirants.  They should adhere to their study plan and give themselves enough
    time to complete their studies. Also, they must ensure that they give sufficient time to each section of the exam in their preparation strategy.

  3.  Complete the entire syllabus

     The aspirants should complete the entire syllabus of the CLAT exam without leaving any topic. They should include every topic in their study plan and should  make sure  to revise it later and avoid skipping topics.

  4. Learn time management

    Students should practice and solve mock tests and practice papers in order to   speed up their preparation. In order to revise the CLAT, it is necessary to complete the questions at a reasonable pace.

  5. Analyzing mock tests

    Solving sample papers and mock tests will help you identify your strong   and weak points. After completing the mock tests, aspirants should analyze their performance and figure out where they need to improve. When they need to improve their scores, they should revise their preparation strategy.

  6. Aspirants should register with a CLAT coaching institute

    To understand the CLAT exam and to prepare for the exam, aspirants    must register  with a CLAT coaching institute in order to understand the exam.  Coaching will assist them in overcoming problems and challenges. Additionally, it will assist them in achieving success.

If an aspirant prepares and understands CLAT, he or she can score well. The preparation of sections such as legal reasoning, English, general knowledge, and quantitative techniques is essential for CLAT aspirants.   

It is important to identify the strong and weak subjects at the outset. The strategy you should follow is to strengthen the weak subjects and polish the strong ones. It would be great if one could customize CLAT strategy. It is half the battle won when one knows what to expect at the test and prepares accordingly.

As soon as they pass their intermediate examinations, each aspirant looks forward to securing a good rank and securing admission into one of the 22 national law universities. By following the tips and strategies listed above, it is possible to crack CLAT on the first attempt. If you want to learn more about this exam and how to ace it to guarantee admissions in the top NLUs, then contact us today.